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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 21st May 2018

Fish of a tough day to Mathew

Although the may rot is now very gloopy and condensed up on the beaches, which is currently rendering all of the tight inshore marks unattractive, the seas a little further off although still retaining a green stain, are also recovering their clarity. Which is why I was happy to take Marky out on the 1330 sailing (having raced around all morning sourcing isomes and a new phone and sim after drowning mine recently) to fish for plaice.

So much fun...

It started very well. The tide was pushing us along at half a knot, and it was very easy to keep contact with the bottom even on a short line. This led to some nice fishing, and some nice fish. But then, about half way through the session, the wind increased from the north, and began blowing us across the tide. It was like a switch. The plaice mostly refused to play, and those that did, took so hesitantly that they all dropped off en route to the surface. We jumped around, but simply couldnt get back on the fish.

1730 sailing, new to BIF1 Mathew, when given the target choices, selected Bass. I explained that with the green water, although I am seeing lots of bass, they are reluctant to open their mouths as they were a short time ago. But also, those that are coming, are tending to err on quality. That was enough for Mathew. We quickly flew down to the mark, where we went through routines on both shads and HTO Frolics.

Once again it was the shads that scored. Twice. One nice bass, and one nice wrasse which I think made Mathew very happy. And amazing skies, and mirror seas. Quite a wow evening actually. I am quite confident Mathew will quickly be in the FF club...

A few of my mates in the marina..

Sailngs for Tuesday. 1st and 2nd sold out. 3rd - 2 spaces 4th - 4 spaces. I am back on the phone so 07970 112774 to get on board... Wednesday onwards, the forecast was looking not promising. Might be time for me to enjoy some quality time with my mate Sailor Jerry...

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