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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 5th May 2024

First sailing, and early flood, and I very much knew where I wanted to be with regular Paul and new Biffers, father and son David and Louie. And yet, with definite change happening, it still pays to check a few spots along the way. First spot I just scanned, and was surprised no fish. Second spot we fished, but fishes there were none. Birds drew us to an unscheduled third spot, where bait was but bass not. But the fourth spot, where we found fish the previous evening, was still fishy.

The first hour was productive, with 18 bass to the boat. Just three for the table from all those, but after the recent hard patch, I am simply happy for bending rods. One kindly threw up its lunch, to confirm that it was indeed small sand eels creating the frenzy. Further questions arise... Why are they here in huge shoals at this time of the year only. Are these a mature, small species, gathering to spawn, or an immature bigger species. I suspect the former. Either way, they are not in these big clouds for long but it does usually mean that shingle from Brighton to Lancing and beyond should come alive. Shore rodders take note.

And then, despite still having masses of eels beneath us, the bass were gone. We hunted around but further fish there were none. Amazing how quickly the shoals depart, leaving the question, why? Still stacks of food. Can they get bored of eating the same thing?? Do they know the importance of a balanced diet, and cant eat too many oily foods? I jest of course, but the beauty of bass fishing, is there are always more questions to be asked. I love it.

2nd sailing cancelled due to SE breeze and a biggish tide. Drift on the ebb would be far too fast for much chance of catching, and it is currently hard enough. Without the green seas I would have entertained it perhaps. And sadly 3rd sailing the forecast deteriorated over night, and would now have a stiff SW breeze dominating it. Another no sail. The rest of the week however, looks amazing. And plenty of spaces for those in need of a fishy fix. As always, a text to 07970 112774 secures a space, with the availability ticker on the home page on this site showing what is there.

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