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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 25th May 2018

Fish of the day to Ian

After a few quite successful shore jobs, owing to the Northerly wind and the may rot currently robbing me of my very inshore marks that are often quite productive in such winds, it was nice to sail once more on mirror calm seas. Just one taker for first sailing, John had a few sessions with me on the river more years back than I care to remember. I made a point about the fishing likely to be under par due to the may rot, but actually, it fished ok. We had a nice mixed bag. A nice wrasse, some mackerel, herring, and some nice plaice. Small gurnards. And a few bass, although small. In the end, we even extended an hour as I had no bookings for the 0930. A really enjoyable session.,

For the 1330 sailing, we had Steve and his son in law Craig on board. I was quite hopeful after the morning, but did add the warning that whatever the fishing was like, it will be better when the sea is no longer green. This one was interesting, as Craig landed the first table gurnard we have seen for a good few weeks, after so many being around in March and April. Smaller gurnards also seemed to find his Isome attractive. Small plaice did play, but the session was saved by a burst of mackerel really, as the guys were keen for something for the pot.

Just one for the 1730 sailing also. Frequent flyer Ian was on board, with a request for mackerel for a bbq. "Shouldnt be a problem" I said. However, the plaice/mackerel hybrid rig insisted on not producing mackerel. Just plaice and small gurnards. With the tide showing a bit of speed for the first time in days, I suggested we go tap the rocks for a bass. And A bass is what we got, but a proper one this time. A lot of gloop rolling along the bottom rather messed this sailing up I feel. But with an amazing sunset, mirror seas and good banter, there were still smiles all round when it was time to head in.

Fully booked on Sunday, some spaces for Monday sailings (Bank holiday guys.. :) ) 07970 112774 to get on board.

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