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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 13th June 2018

I think Mo's plaice just pip's David's bass as fish of the day...

Just two sailings today due to imminent SW breeze a bit more than is comfortable in the afternoon. Frequent flyers Lee and Paul were on board, along with David, and his grandson James, 18 just yesterday. A double session was his birthday present... no pressure then... We slipped away nicely and after yesterdays evening session, decided to begin where I had left off, on very similar tidal states. And boy, were there some fish down there. I would love to know what they were feeding on though, as only the occasional fish showed interest in our shads. Far less takes than the biomass of fish suggested should be the case.

Aint they pretty...

I moved to another spot, and here things improved a little. But still not enough action... Something needed to be done... We pushed on further west. Here, we did get just enough action. Quite enjoyable at times. Bass and wrasse mostly, but none of the stamp of the previous evening. However, each one bought huge smiles to faces, so I was very happy for them. Just enough action to make me happy, and more importantly, after two gruellers, I think Lee and Paul were also much relived to find the rot free seas slowly re-populating themselves with fish.

Nice wrasse for birthday boy James

2nd sailing, David and James were joined by Mo. He was bringing a friend, but how about this for selfish. The friends wife went and gave birth last night. Apparently, that's a good reason not to go fishing these days...? Times have certainly changed... "I just want fish for 24 people at a party tomorrow" Mo joked... He so doesn't know me yet... The three of us headed out. We went out in search of plaice. A few gurnard and just a single plaice on the outer bank I had been doing very well on, so I called it to go back to the spot further west.

Small fish make for big smiles...

Here, fishes were again to be caught, but not nearly as frequently as the first session.It was all coming a bit apart. And with the wind now to the SW, and slowly picking up, I called it to try back in towards Brighton. Happily, a few bass, and suprisingly for this end, a nice wrasse, were content to give us some action. But it was a toughie for sure. And once again, the takes did not match the amount of fish there. When the final time came, I offered everyone longer, if they wanted it, as with no sailing following, it was something I could do to compensate for the less good fishing. But after a very early start, and rumbling bellies, they were happy to finish for the day.

David with the best bass of the day...

When we got in, Mo was keen to check out the soon to be famous "Piggies" steak baguette (it really IS yummy... nobody does fried onions like Piggies...). As we sat there, munching our food, Mo voiced that he would like another session. "Ok" I said. "lets make it mission food". Knowing the tide had now slowed down, I was quite keen to go check the plaice out myself. This is the first year I have been forced to fish them seriously, due to the cold water and the may rot meaning we only now have a bass season. And I have already enjoyed their challenges very much. The main thing I have learned about them, is that they are happiest just after the main pull of tide has switched off. This is my experience drifting for them with lures. It might well be a totally different situation with baits at anchor I am sure, but on the isomes, as the tide slows, its a great time.

Bernard for James

And this session (in the end just the hour as the wind finally did pick up and the sea was building quite fast) I was so upset that David and James had not hung on. Mo had a real cracker, (in the picture, Mo is holding the fish flat against himself. It gives you an idea of its size) I had a tidy one, and a few more smaller ones, plus supporting acts from small Tubs and a single Grey gurnard. And... 18 mackerel. As we counted up the bag back at the dock, Mo mentioned that it was for 24 people, not 21 (3 plaice for the table also). "3 are bound to be vegans" I replied... Mo is starting to get to know me...

Mo, and a good wrasse for Brighton Bay.

This plaice, is pressed against Mo's body to give an idea of size. A beast.

One for the skipper...

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