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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Catch report - 22nd June 2018

Frequent flyer Ted was the only person on board with me for 1st sailing. And possibly we saw the early signs of where the fly might be about to superseed the shad for productivity. We went all out for a bass, keeping close to the marina, as this was just a 2 hour session, due to pressing commitments for Ted in Leeds later, a trip I was not envious of. Lots of fish showing, but not so many opening their mouths. I think I managed three, one on shad, two on fly. Ted, fishing away on shads and occasionally frolics, managed a good mackerel, but zero bass. Very strange...

I hoped to do better, when I dropped Ted back and frequent flyer Clint stepped aboard. However, the wind rather took care of that. It got very lumpy with a strong SSW sea breeze. Too windy for comfort. We came back in, and Clint popped to see a friend, whilst I popped home to do some gardening. At 1830 we re-covened, and headed back out into a still choppy sea. But it was to no avail. The bass simply were not having it, save a few micro schoolies. Once again, a day saved by plaice and mackerel. I think Clint suprised even himself with the power of plaice on 35gm rods.

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