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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 8th October 2018 - C.A.T 37

1st sailing, and it was my absolute pleasure to set sail once more with my very lovely, very talented, friend, fishing protege, and frequent traveling partner, Erin. And with her, her equally lovely friend Johnny. And we poked BIF1's nose out into a most wonderful sunrise, and mirror, if slightly swelly, seas. It was always going to be a wonderful morning.

First target was a coddie. We were first to the mark, which counts for something, as I think the commercials hauling and shooting their nets that they box the spot in with, might well have an unsettling affect on the fish. We got in 30 minutes on the spot. Maybe 45. It was enough. Johnny nailed the target after about 20...

Next it was off to catch bass. I went to a spot I recognise for quality rather than quality. And that is exactly what we got. Good fishing, with great sized fish. A few around the 2lb, but more in the 3-7lb range. Erin of course got the biggest. That's just what she does...

Buzzing from the great 1st sailing, I took the 2nd sailing, with Luke and Mackie on board, out with some confidence, but into a more lumpy sea. Grey skies also, although not such a bad thing as we have extremely clear waters at the moment. However, it was, as BIF1 trips go, out of character. Not a single bass. A few mackerel. One wrasse. There had been a change. Seen it before. Cant explain it. Give me three more life times, perhaps I can get an angle on it...

Weather looking to shut us down until Sunday based on the current forecast. Sunday is sold out, but I am taking bookings for the following Monday. 07970 112774 to reserve a space. 0730 and 1230 sailings.

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