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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 15th October 2018

Perfect table fish

A little break for some remnants of yankee storms to pass through, and once more back to unpredictable predictions of what the weather might be. After once again cancelling based on a poor forecast on Xcweather, I once again woke to find perfect conditions for a sail. So, a little bit of me time first sailing. I headed out over the low, and fished close to home on a reef where numbers of bass always congregate for the last hour of the ebb and first couple of the flood.

Never ending anchovy shoal

They were there. In insane numbers, as is often the case at this time of year. Also present, was a never ending bait shoal, almost certainly the same shoal of anchovy I was marveling at whilst fishing the west arm of the marina earlier in the week. I banged out 30 or so bass, in about an hour and a half, up to 52 cm, before heading off for a little poke around, happy that my 2nd sailing, with two clients salvaged, had some sport to keep them smiling.

With Malcolm and Armand on board, I headed out and we began on that spot. Now, four hours into the flood, numbers were not as heavy, but they both caught fish. Happy for that, I pushed on, hunting bigger creatures. And bigger creatures we found. No huge fish, but happily both took a nice fish for the table. Also, a bigger gurnard and a smallish gurnard. The bigger gurnard being very interesting, as if we get a return inshore of those 1-3lb fish in numbers, then we will have an excellent back up to hunting coddies to keep interest through the winter.

We did also have a brief look for coddies, but with the regular mark not even having mackerel on it, it didn't feel quite right, and no coddies fell. Every tide different though. And guess what? Having not advertised any Tuesday sailings, due to a poor forecast, I am sitting writing this, 0500, with not the stiff Southerly as forecast, but again a light Northerly. So, once more, I am likely to have plenty of "me" time among some of the best fishing of the year. Unless anyone reading this has mood to go fishing, and rings 07970 112774 to get on board...

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