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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Catch report - 20th October 2018 - C.A.T. 47

1st sailing, and off out with Jan, Dean, Richard and Daohong. Weather was simply stunning, a theme that continued throughout the weekend. And happily, the bait and the bass had returned. We fished a close spot, where there are plenty of small bass to be had, and then went off prospecting bigger fishes. Coddies refused to play, but spikey's we found. And enough legal sized fish that everybody who wanted headed home with a bass for the table.

2nd sailing, I retained Daohong, but the other three guys headed off, and were replaced by Paul, Damo and Guy. Pretty much a repeat of the morning session. Had to go to some offshore (for me) rocks to find the table bass, but this bought other benefits including a pretty reef pollack, and a new first for BIF1, a rock goby that hit . Apologies for lack of photos in this blog entry. I managed to smash my Samsung S8 very early on in the first session. Thanks Paul, for the above shot. Even if I do look somehow camp in it...

Both sailings were most enjoyable, but I think also highlight how the cod are still not a given. I am finding them, and I am finding them on MOST sailings, but not all, just yet. I suspect as the season progresses, two things will happen. Sizes will increase, and I will get better at working out their hidey holes, so plenty to look forward to. But please do not book at the moment if you MUST have a coddie for tea. Although, table bass are proving far less problematic.

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