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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 27th October 2018

Really had a dilemma whether to call these sailings on. I decided to go with it, as long as all the clients were happy to bass fish. With good numbers of bass tight inshore at the moment, the stiff NNW wind doesn't have so much affect, other then pushing you across the tide. And I have some marks quite suited to North to South drifting. Everyone was happy with the plan, so I sailded, first with Jon and Ben, and brothers Will and Ran.

I set off hunting, and we skipped through a few marks whilst we honed everybody to become the required coiled spring. Especially important when being pushed across the tide to recognize when a fish has engulfed the lure, as much slack is almost unavoidable. But the guys soon mastered it. As we nicely dropped onto a much better stamp of fish . Ran and Ben both nailing quality fish, in the 7lb region. Too big to kill, but everybody had no problem in finding 45-50 cm fish for the table. Plenty of action, it did not matter that conditions were not right for the cod spots a little further offshore.

2nd session, and I headed back to where those fish had come earlier in the tide. This time, I had regular Richard, and first time on BIF1,. another Richard, and his brother James. Again, good table fish were reasonably obliging. But the wind was quite strong, and began creeping a bit more west. Purely to get better lure control, I decided to head East. It was a great move. We found a big shoal of bass, which we were able to stay with to the end of the session. The guys all had some great sport, and under the cliffs, the wind was hardly affecting us. Much easier to see the takes, and more fish hooked as a result.

Sailings likely to be called on quite late notice, if at all during this week. Hopefully we will find some windows to squeeze a sailing in. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page Brighton Inshore Fishing for latest sailing information.

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