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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 13th July to 17th July 2019

Another combined blog, as I simply havent been able to sum up the energy to blog after being at sea for long days. Its enough to fit in a bit of personal hygiene and some food before collapsing. However, with the days shortening, four sailings a day are now finished. First sailing remains 0500, 2nd sailing around 0930, and 3rd sailing flexible, although 1700 seems popular at the moment. I should be able to get back to daily blogging.

The week started reasonably well. Indeed, I think I can shorten this blog even further. It goes something like... Launch - Good session... turn around ... poor session... last sailing good session. Some of the poor sessions have been really poor, with just two schoolies recorded on one of them. Which is why I took yesterday as a client free day, to go out and work out why. Well, I now know why. At certain points of the tide, I have good places with lots of bass. But when the tide starts to move, so do the fish. Happily, yesterday I found a possible answer to my conundrum, so hopefully two schoolie sessions will be extinct until after Christmas.

But the good sessions have been very good. Lots of 5lb, 6lb, 7lb and 8lb fish. Lots of new personal bests. Even the schoolies have been mostly quality in the scraper taker sizes. Lots of big smiles on faces, and even better, lots of blown away people, who really are amazed at what light line lure fishing can produce. And with a great forecast, other than a little hiccup today and on Saturday, it looks as though there will be plenty of opportunity for you guys to come and play.

Surface lures have also really come into play now. There are definitely certain times and states of tide, when all the bass are cruising looking up. If you run a shad through, you would think there were zero bass. Cover that same ground on the top, and so many bass coming to have a look, with plenty making the lunge and inhaling. Happy days. 07970 112774 to get your big smile... Still some spots on Sunday, and all next week.

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