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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 7th September 2019 C.A.T. 6

Another day of struggle. Although, is it a struggle... I think I got kind of used to the amazing fishing of a few short weeks ago, as if it were quite normal. But now, perhaps we are back closer to normality. Although, I dont remember bait fish being so hard to find since about March. The seas are cooling inshore already, down to 18 degrees from their peak of 21. However, although this might be some kind of signal for all the brit to go somewhere else, the lull should be short. As well as ever increasing whiting shoals inshore, we are due an invasion of anchovy and spratt shoals quite soon.

I personally had a lot of fun today. Great crews. I always get great crews. I think it must be something to do with the lures. Or the intimacy of max 5 on the boat. Everyone always gels.

First sailing, regular Luke had bought work colleagues along, with the intention to impress. Well, they got some of my best jokes, but the fishing was hard. I think we landed four bass, and the same in mackerel. With the mackerel the only things big enough to go home for tea. A tough session.

From this, I took a different tactic with father and son duo, Marc and David. Marc on the fly, and very happy to have met an Airflo sniper fast sink line, as many yards were added to his cast. David was a natural. As I fished, I drilled down on how they got fishing. And an inspirational story sprung out from it. David was the one who wished to fish. And persuaded dad Marc to come along on the journey. What a brilliant advert for fishing as a bonding tool. These two guys were loving the fishing, and loving each others company. And I got them on again tomorrow first sailing... Back to the fishing. Hard, but not without rewards. Some bass, including taker size, but with them booked into a hotel, and a session in hand, we released all. However, during the bassing, we had two drifts on a cod mark and bingo, that lad David was in again with a nice fish perhaps a little over 4lb. That fish was less lucky, with hotel staff to be instructed to accommodate it in the fridges. They are unicorn's, after all... After that we headed inshore, where finally Marcs perseverance with the fly rod paid off, a cracking garfish, eco caught, with its teeth snagged in the deceivers fluffy parts.

Final sailing, and out with Stan, Calum and Alice. Alice's boyfriend Will was also due to come, but sadly he was down with illness. Knowing how keen he is, it must be a bad one. Actually the best session for bass, with us all killing a fish a piece. Biggest perhaps a wee bit over 3lb to Alice of course. That pheromone thing... And another codling, which thought it was a bass, very close in. Brings the C.A.T. total to 6, but if the wind lets us out, that number will rise quickly I suspect. Chesil has more fish on it than last year, and there seems to be parallels.

Taking bookings for next Tuesday based on the current forecast. 07970 112774 for availability.

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