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Ano Corvid 19... Sailing into "The new normal"

Interesting times. Sad times, with too much premature loss all over the country and the world. Predictable times, with world leader after world leader lecturing on these times coming as they leave office, to cover their own backs should the blame for lack of preparation lay with their inactivity in their times in office. Passing the buck. Musical chairs, with world health. Same game they are playing with global warming, another well predicted "THIS WILL HAPPEN" tragedy. And times, where, by law, BIF1 has been restricted to carrying just a single client.

And I have to say, I have loved it. The client has loved it. The attention and focus and teachings are absolutely focused instead of divided by four. It has simply been a wonderful experience. But for one thing. The price I am forced to charge. I have been deep in thought for days, and now, with some downtime, I think I have found the eureka moment that pretty much is win win, and still leaves BIF1 accessible to those without the budget for the luxury of lots of space and my undivided attention.

So, here it is... Post CV-19 restrictions, the prices will be....

Individuals - £100 - MAX 2 PER SAILING

Whole Boat Charter - £160 - MAX 4 per sailing

This is to encourage my regulars who enjoy to fish together, a less expensive experience, whereas those that appreciate the freedoms of more room, will also appreciate that it will need to come at a price. It also means that family days can stilll be enjoyed, fly anglers can still get together and charter at £160, and likewise, notjing to stop individuals that are aware of each other to communicate well and whole boat charter for 2 to keep prices down a little. It also removes the achilles heel of the old system, sailing with a single angler at a lost, if they were a frequent flyer. And I would actively encourage individuals without the budget "find" each other on the Brighton Inshore Fishing Facebook page.

Please do be aware these are just my musings. It is quite possible that I might jiggle with this concept, as I try and find the fairest way to operate going forward. And we are likely a long way away from when these prices will be applied, as they all rely on social distancing being lifted. Time will tell. But, as I know I will be chatting with many of you who follow this blog over the coming weeks, I thought I would put it out there, and see what the response is like. And I would also like to thanks everyone who has, or is about to, sail with me. It is your support, that is keeping me afloat. Quite literally, as the Councils continue to fail to recognise the charter industry as in need for special consideration, as advised by central government.

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