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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 12th April 2021

Just the one sailing today, as a faulty fuel gauge was in need of attention for the afternoon, which in part is why my go to handy man Steve was on board. Not only is he handy, but he was happy to be paid in satisfying his curiosity regarding the finger... Well, curiosity satiated. On board also, and my main stress as he had journeyed all the way from Surrey, and it is early season and me just 3 trips back into it all, was Tim.

First few drifts, looking for squid, no joy. Onto another spot not far away to look for bass. No bass, but ironically I am pretty sure I bumped a squid. We moved on. All the time hunting for the golden grail. Early season table bass. It took 2 more moves before we found something more like comfortable fishing. Steve started it with a wrasse. Then, Tim managed the first table bass of the new season. Beautiful and 45cm. Next, Steve was away again, with another wrasse, and then, a couple of casts later, his own bass of 45 cm. And then, I managed mine. Well, not my first, but then, Ive been cheating in Portugal...

But both guys were keen to see the magic of lure caught plaice in action. Not as hungry as the previous afternoon, but the final moments of the session saw half a dozen fall in quick time, after finding a patch willing to feed. All in all, a really fun filled few hours. And the good thing. Handy Steve fixed the fuel gauge in no time. Leaving us no option but to celebrate with a Cherry tree breakfast. A little more normality creeping in.

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