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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 13th April 2021

First session of the day, the return of Wagy, Maz and Charlie. Previously, om their first visit last year, I recall them being entertained with some nice bass catches. But, they completely took on board that it was early season, so they were happy to follow my lead. With the orientation being towards a table based session.

First up, we had a look for a squid. But sadly, no indications at all. Next, I decided to go to a banker big pout mark, as guaranteed good feed (BIG pout) and a chance to check out areas I have yet to visit since escaping paradise. The pouting happily were there, and everyone caught. Plus a bonus bass for myself. A fluke really. I also think I bumped a couple of squid. Then a search for that shoal we found yesterday. Sadly, only rocks wished to grab the lures today. Which left the plaice, which happily did play ball. And the lads were on their way to the arms for a few hours after, hunting a top up. I await their results.

Next, Ben was also a returnee. And his request was music to my ears. "Can we fish for plaice please?"

So, we did. And we caught. Loads. The select ones retained and many more returned. We also headed out for a bass hunt. but despite checking a few spots, it would seem to be still quite patchy. So, we came back and finished off by catching... plaice... Which was great, as there was a big family feast in the offing, with Ben's girlfriends family major beneficiaries. I understand. I coined the phrase "shag bass"...

Final sailing, which sadly had to be restricted to plaice fishing in Brighton bay by a stiff SW breeze pushing across a swiftly ebbing fairly large tide, was likewise also all about plaice. It was also a long time coming, getting Jon and Gabriel out again. Jon had very generously bid on 6 hours onboard BIF1 at a Great Ormond Street Hospital Auction (GOSH LOVE BALL) and had his first session along with his son Gabriel last year. Which turned out to be THE horror session of the entire year, with just a single mackerel caught... by me... So, I was desperate that this session at least there would be some action. And despite being blown back across the tide by the said breeze, we managed to put a nice amount together. Dragging the wrong way is often a killer for plaice fishing, but that they fed quite well was an indication of just how many are around at the moment. We kept them all alive in the fish wells, and the guys took the four biggest away, again for a family feed. It seems to be a trend, and with the majority of fish being plump with flesh, a great time to harvest the current glut.

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