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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 13th October 2020

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Joined by James and Dean, I was quite optimistic for the mornings fishing after yesterdays really frantic session. Although the wind was in the opposite direction, blowing NNW, it was actually lighter than forecast, so I was keen to check out the same area. We made one stop on the way, where I managed to nip out a single fish, which little did I know, was to be the biggest of the day. Arriving at the main event, we began to assemble a nice tally. We got to 9, when two things happened simultaneously. The tide increased its pace on the ebb, and the wind actually INCREASED, completely against the forecast, sending diagonal swells across the breaking wave. Suddenly all a bit nasty to be offshore, so we came in to hunt around close. We had a few drifts for a cod, but even that was a bit bumpy, so we came in much closer. Sadly, the viz wasnt good, and despite our best efforts, the tally remained at 9.

2nd sailing, was with the wind much reduce. With Peter and Alistair on board, we went out to the productive spot, with a much better chance of catching, as both swells, breaking wave and wind were much less. The only problem was, that with not so much tide now, the spot was suddenly far less productive. Just 3 bass there, and a couple of chunky wrasse. I decided to put some miles in and search out some baitfish. Which we did find, and add another five bass to the tally. But once again, a lot more smalls about, and just a single fish going back up the road for Alistair.

No sailings tomorrow (Wednesday) but if you own waders and can be in East Sussex on the coast for 06:30, I am looking for up to 2 rods for an open beach session... 07970 112774 if you see that being you. Shore sessions are charged at £20 per angler per hour, max 2 anglers. All tackle supplied. Likely 4 or 5 hours fishing tomorrow.

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