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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 13th September 2020

First sailings, and it was fifty fifty. Especially as we exited the marina mouth, with the usual deep lunging swell that appears with pretty much any kind of breeze other than Northerly. But I had on board two experienced BIF'ers. With good sea legs. And my plan was to head west, to get the little bit of lee Worthing somehow gives in tight over that way. Which is how the plan unfolded. The further west we went, the flatter the sea, until we were on the spot I wanted to fish.

The first hour was pretty decent. Five fish, before the tide slackened a little. The next hour, another three fish, and then, with the tide ebbing well, instead of the expected uplift in sport, in fact the reverse happened, and the fishing, other than for wrasse and mackerel, declined. Seven fish, a brace each for the table for the guys. Not great, not terrible.

2nd sailing, which would have been full on wind over tide, I cancelled, as it was for three anglers new to BIF1. The deep swells were not conducive to teaching finger power, or the associated skills. Happily, we have found another slot, and the forecast currently looking good.

3rd sailing, and with Bruce, his lad Leo and leo's friend Ramsay on board, we pushed back out. A lot flatter now, although still bouncy enough to have the lads screaming with delight. The fishing was reasonable also. The main approach with two ten year olds is action, and although it wasnt on fire, there was just enough to catch their attention to the end.

Mackerel fed quite well. A couple of wrasse came to say hello. And the total catch of five bass, was just enough to keep their enthusiasm running, although we came quite close at the end. Indeed, Bruce called the session to a close half hour ahead of schedule. So, I stole that half hour, after depositing the guys back on to dty land, and went to look for a coddie. No cod, just cuttle, and a lovely sunset.

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