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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th June 2022

Just first sailing today, as I now hand BIF1 over to GRP Joe, for a new bulkhead, which was identified as needing replacing at the five year coding. Hopeful to have her back for a 1700 sailing on Thursday (3 spaces remaining) but time will tell. Typically we finally have some sailable forecasts. On this sailing, Scott, Mitch and Daohong, all returnee's, were joined by new to BIF1 Georgian.

It was yet again a real struggle. Marking stacks of bait and plenty of bass, but simply struggling to get the takes. Half hearted takes when they came., and of the five bass landed, none were of takeable size. Two were the sign of good commercial haevesting, 41.5 cm... So frustrating. The highlight of the trip though was very exciting. Georgian hooked into a very big fish indeed, complete with huge head thumps, and then off. On retrieving his lure, he found only half of it left. What was it? Tope, Conger (precedented, we had one last year) or ray spring to mind first. Perhaps a good sized wrasse. We will never know.

On handing over the boat to my GRP guy, I then had breakfast, and headed home. Jon rang me, to invite me out on his boat "Mudpuppy". A very nice man, and I accepted. But it was more of the same. Indeed, for four hours fishing, we were one small fish apiece. I had really had enough. "Lets try one go up really shallow, and then if we dont catch we go in" I suggested. "OK" said Jon, a little reluctantly, as he hadnt been out for ages. We were another hour. Because he caught two on a very lightly dressed fly, and I caught one more on the 14gm mighty minnow. Perhaps really shallow is now where its at. Once more, time will tell.

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