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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 16th July 2020

First sailing, and out with Siobahn and her fiancee Grant. A bit of a sad tale in some respects, as they were due to get married until this curse upon us, Covid 19, put paid to that. So, to cheer themselves up, as they have fishing as a shared hobby, they booked the boat. As much as I am very sad that they werent walking down the aisle, at the same time totally flattered they chose me for the lift.

Which left me rather hoping the fishing warranted their confidence in me. Happily, despite the wind being a little spikey for much of the session, and there being a little bit of rock and roll, the fish, although not throwing themselves in the boat (although that would be boring wouldnt it?) did allow us to interact. And of the nine bass landed, all bar one were in the dinner category, to a best of around 50cm. A common theme of the ground I am focused on at the moment. Six mackerel accompanied the four bass the guys took home. A very enjoyable session.

Next, it was Mark and his dad John up for fun. The wind had not got any less, and as the tide dropped away, with the swell, it did rather assist in killing the fishing. I had to be on the top of my game with the finger power, to nip out two bass and a wrasse. But for the guys, just setting off on their lure journey, it was tough to register a few bites, let alone set hooks. Disappointing for the guys, hopefully, they wont let the experience put them off, and we will see them back on BIF1 in calmer seas.

3rd sailing, and it was time for Trevor and his young lad Liam to come and play. And as if making up for it, Neptune called the wind off. This made for tidal drifts rather than cross tidal drifts, perhaps for the first time this week. And it enabled us to find those bass. Not huge numbers, perhaps only 9 or 10 in the session. Quality fish again though which always makes amends for lack of numbers. And very big smiles.

Neptune was totally on form, as Liam also wanted to catch a mackerel. A couple came along to join the solo (thats all they wanted to take) bass in the fish bag at the end of the session. A session cut short by a full hour because... Yes. That damned un-forecast SW wind came up YET AGAIN to stop this sailing and to force the cancellation of the final sailing. Consolation - at least Liam got a beach ball we recovered on the way back in. And another turtle saved...

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