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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 17th December 2021

Just the one sailing today, with regulars Mark and Ray, joined by Ben, who has a video channel on YOUTUBE called "The Amputee Angler" (you will find out why on the channel) looking to get some footage. If you are at all interested in small boat fishing, then you should deffo check it out, as it comes with lots and lots of useful tips, learned from years at sea in a commercial fishing past.

Everything seemed great, with one very big exception. The seas had cleared that little bit more, and instead of the oppressive... nay, depressive gloom of the previous day, we instead had a glorious morning, complete with a lovely, warming bright sunshine. Sadly, this soul lifting experience, made for a far tougher session.

Firstly the whiting. There were some where I expected, but the bright sun had sent those channels out somewhere deeper and darker. Instead, just the pins that really are not that much fun at all. Off to a cod and squid drift, where, other than a small bass and more pins, not a lot at all.

This meant that the cod and squid drift I had been holding back till the last thirty minutes, now became the last hour and a half. Once more, no cod. Just squid, and only half a dozen at that. If you are booked to come fishing during the next few weeks, strangely, pray for a miserable, drizzly, and gloomy day...

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