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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 18th April 2021

First up, a family affair. Returnee Sam had bought his dad Ralph and brother Joss along, to enjoy the early morning chill. Although, we all remarked, with only light winds, and no frost on the car this morning, it was actually quiet pleasant from the off.

The first request was bass. I thought I would try and get away with repeating the previous mornings rather successful routine, but of course, Neptune would never let me get away with such sloppiness. We went through all the same marks for a couple of schoolies, a solitay mackerel, and some pouting, and even the pouting were rather less big than on previous deeper reef runs.

So, back for the plaice. Although not on fire, happily a feed did go up the road. The guys fully understood that it was early season, which is always a game of hunt the few shoals that are around. But the pouting made for some fun, and the plaice always bring smiles to faces.

Second sailing, and regulars (Biffer's... I think I'm liking that...) Max and Ian came on board. But a dilemma... Whilst Max wanted Plaice, Ian wanted Bass. What to do... Well, we split if in half. Half for bass, half for plaice. Bassing was pretty poor once again, although both Ian and Max got their first fish of the year, if only small. And the plaicing? Well, that was also pretty poor. With Ian not taking, Max went away with just five for the table.

Final sailing, that man Mark was back, to be joined with BIF virgin Ash. We decided to split the session again, although in the back of my mind was pure dread. I was expecting it to be another poor session. And for the first two hours, it was. We hunted and hunted for bass, and other than two twangs and a bumped squid, we didnt find any. "Lets go Plaicing" I suggested. Off we went. As I cut across a reef close to the plaice grounds, I happened to notice a small cluster of bait, surrounded by bass marks. "Guys, put the shads back on"...

The last hour really saved the whole day. That man Mark went all super finger focused, and put on a stunning display. No less than ten fish fell to his rod, leaving Ash and myself to share the other eight. Finally, a half tidy bass shoal to play with. But of course, likely vanished by tomorrow. Time will tell. And quality fish. A couple of 45's among quality schoolies and only a few smalls. Really good and entertaining stuff. And I think Ash really got, that a finger can be for so much more than cleaning the nasal passage.

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