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Brighton Inshore Fishing Catch report 18th October 2020

First up, Uber regular Mark, and young Will, who nabbed that cracking double a while back. I did make sure he understood you dont get a double every time you fish on BIF1, and he said "yes. I read the blog...". Wise guy...

What we did have though, was an absolute ball. The tide was perfect for a trot across middle reef, which is currently heaving with small fish. By the time we had reached the other end of the drift, the count was 18. But with just two of those being over 42cm, I asked the guys to choose. Quantity or quality...?

I think they might have detected the tone in my voice. Think to yourself last time you gave a young child choices... You change the tone... Harsh on the one you don't want... Soft, on the one you do... So guys... Do you want to stay here and hang f****ng schoolies... or would you like to drift tranquilly, in a place where sea fairies are rumoured to visit, and giant bass lay in sparkling seas...? That kind of difference in tone. And guess what? Quality won over quantity. Except, Neptune was generous, and the guys got both.

Not only that, but I fluked a small codling whilst bassing, and I have to say, there are mostly SMALL codling here so far this year from the boats experience. Fish of around 2lb. Very plump and happily, they release very easily being hauled from such relatively shallow water. And taking us from unlucky 13 to coddie number 14 since they arrived.

With the bassing slowing down, as we managed fish no 43, and mostly table sized plus from the second location, I suggested we spend the last half an hour actively hunting a cod. All agreed. And so we did. And yet again, it was a first drift fish. Again to my rod... Again a 2lb plumpie making the tally now 15. Other than bass no 44, that was it.

Next Mark remained, Will left for a busy family day, and was replaced by Richard, escaping from a busy family. A fair exchange. And off we went again... Kind of in reverse. Starting on the cod spot, while we waited for a bit of ebb tide, but this time, nothing doing. Onwards. Next a few cracking drifts, giving us some cracking fish. A brace for Richard's culinary needs sorted in two casts. It was fishing well. However, this was not a mark I have ever had a cod from, so, after consulting with the guys, they agreed it would be good to fish somewhere with a chance of both.

So, we moved, and instantly found fish. Sadly, small fish. Back to the previous mark. To discover, that fish really do have fins, and they had all slipped away somewhere else... Damn. Off to the spot where we had done well in the morning. Last time I tried that on this spot, the ebb held none. This time, back on them, the biggest of 60 cm to Richard, and a final tally of 28 fish when we headed for home. These numbers will likely just keep on increasing as and when the wind allows us out to sail. The herrings have arrived. Now the fun really begins.

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