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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 18th October 2022

Just first sailing scheduled, due to the forecast Easterly wind increasing at midday. Martin had booked the boat, originally with a client of his for fly fishing, for all of today and tomorrow. However, with the forecast, he left the client and came to check out BIF1 for himself. A well travelled angler, we had plenty to chat about while we fished.

Which was good, because fishing was decidedly poor. Last trickle of ebb, on a very small tide, it was not such a big surprise. Just seven smalls landed. However, I had also arranged to meet some clients on the West arm, for the early flood, and invited Martin along to that, which he readily accepted.

Here, he met Armando, Brian and James. And we all quite enjoyed the sunshine, which, with the ever stiffening breeze being square on the back, made for good lure control, essential to minimise losses on this very heavy ground. Just three bass landed, and strangely all to me, but Martin did well landing a reef pollack, and plenty of taps and bangs from Garfish. Great fun.

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