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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 16th May 2024

A few days since the last sailing, due to breeze and a one hundred hour service. It did give me the opportunity to do a bit of shore work, with local rivers fishing very well. My client Tim and I enjoyed a catch of ten bass on Monday, which is actually an excellent result for the rivers. Soon be time for the beaches though, once the rot clears. Which brings us to todays floatie action.

I am always a bit anxious about both the smallest and the biggest tides. They can be where Neptune throws his worst strops. When I write about sterile tides, these are often the ones where it happens. Throw in the may rot and I was wondering if I should run with todays clients or not. I chose to go. Glad I did.

First sailing and I was joined by Wagi, Masaan, Adam, and Richard (that Richard)... I knew the area I wanted to be, but I didnt go straight there. Instead I had a little run along some rocks, because I am very keen for those better bass to start harvesting the velvet peel. No joy there. But onto where I last found fish and... Initially I thought they were not there. I was about to cry and move, when I saw the tell tale little pod of sandeel (or is it smelt fry... another cough up today may have blown my eel theory) creep through my sonar screen. I held on, and there they were. Huge clouds of baitfish being mown down by bass.

Rods started bending and continued to the end of session pretty much. No beasts, but seven table fish killed from the thirty nine total bag. Lots of action. A few splashing on top got a heddon one knocker spook aimed at them and reacted. Great fun, but... Of course we wanted bigger fish. We left that shoal to head into some rock, where we found... More small bass...

Second sailing and it was my pleasure to welcome on board Benny and Duncan. We fished in reverse, and again found fish, but did suffer with clouds of fish that refused to take anything while the low tide slack was happening. When it picked up again, we bumped the tally to twenty one bass landed for the session. Just one met its end. And yet, considering the tide and the rot, I was simply happy for the guys to get the tugs. Especially as we endured a full three hours of torrential rain for them.

Third sailing, and it was my pleasure to welcome aboard Asia and her husband Sebastien. A skilled freshwater lure enthusiast, the jump from perch to bass is not so big. And yet... We spent the first hour on the bass. Harder to find and even harder to get them to open their mouths and actually stay on. We moved onto the plaice after just three smalls, where I expected much more action. Two hours later, just two landed, with a good one for Sebastien. The guys have had better trips on BIF1 to be fair, but they enjoyed despite the dour fishing. A lovely afternoon with sunshine, allowing me and the boat to dry out as well. Result.

Not many pictures. I was waiting first session for a 4lb plus which didnt show, 2nd sailing rain would not allow it, leaving just 3rd sailing where fish got all shy. Two spaces on tomorrows 0530 still available. Text to 07970 112774 if you fancy some smallish but plentiful bass action.

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