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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 20th September 2022

Just the one sailing today, not because of wind, but purely lack of interest. Quite unsettling as I have got very used to running this business at maximum capacity since the lockdown. Now, I suspect we are seeing the real effect of the cost of living crisis. I know a lot of my regulars particularly do a little bit of private work to fund their fishing, that is does not affect the family budget. But not everyone is lucky enough to be able to turn on a sideline. To those people I say, sod em and come fishing. You've looked after your families for years. About time they stood on their own feet...

Stewart (he who was called Stuart for many years in my writings) Brandon, Chris and Jude the other willing victims of my strange mood today. I will be quite honest. I have a small issue with the boat engine. And it really really messes with my head. If it was my car, I wouldn't care. But my boat and I really fit each other well. And when she is unwell, it sits on my shoulders heavy. Its nothing too bad, just a bit of fuel starvation when I am leaning on the lever for max speed. Remedy at the moment, don't do that. We still run at 23 knots. But there are times, I really want the 27...

Fishing was not terrible, but off the mark of recent first sailings. Just eight bass landed, including a cracker for Stewart, but none found their way to the ingredients locker. Instead a solitary garfish, poorly hooked, and Stewarts kitchen likely will be windows open for the rest of the week. Jude mentioned he hadnt had a cod on a lure, despite trying from his paddleboard. We ticked that one off happily. And that's it for the day. It does allow me to socialise a bit, but I didn't want the boat to miss out. A sunset cruise to look forward to later. And maybe a bit of squidding first. Hopefully, a good friend and her son, will be catching my dinner today.

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