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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 21st June 2023

Just the one sailing today, due to winds this morning. Even the evening sailing was looking dodgy but shifting it to 1800 helped allow the sea to settle a bit more. I had been working all night and all day (Shore guiding - if interested text 07970 112774 for the days the wind blows) so was very happy to point BIF1's nose seaward. I really enjoy shore work, but it is very hard going.

On board regulars Simon, Max and Steve. Lots of changes. The clouds of sandeel seem to have thinned out, either been eaten or swept elsewhere by new moon tides. Cuttle infestations everywhere. We started in deeper water, and this was a good move. The only three table fish came from there, and nice fat fish to. As the tide died, so the fish vanished. I returned to the hole where Mike lost a beast a couple of days ago, and here we did find fish, bringing the tally up to eight. Another move saw surface lures fail, but 14gm Axia Mighty minnows added a few more smalls to bring the final tally to eleven landed, three killed. Not terrible, not on fire.

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