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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 21st September 2022

First sailing, and regulars. Mitch and David, were joined by BIF1 virgins, Kate and Ryan. Lovely flat seas, and lovely jovial mood on such a lovely morning. Surface lures all round, off we headed. A few swirls at each of the spots we visited, which was rather the case the whole sailing. At no point did we find any particular concentration of fish. I ran a control shad, and found cod. But no bass. They were only looking up. I really would love to know more about what is going on down there just now.

The total for the trip was ten fish landed, and a fish apiece for food. I think Kate and Ryan really enjoyed the experience, and I suspect we will see more of them. We came back in, and I waved to Chris the engineer, as her drove into the marina. He was here to inspect a) a fuel gauge that suddenly thinks I have more petrol than Putin, and the fuel starvation problem at top end. His pressure gauges clearly showed that the petrol pump was delivering way under the pressure it should have been. “Will she be ok for next sailing?” I asked. “I can't answer that, but at some point It will fail completely”

As my next clients arrived, I briefed them on the situation. Laurie and Ian, returning from pre-pandemic times, and new to BIF1, as part of a fun lovers trip to the sea, Cara and Vince. I pointed out that the sea state was very calm, that I had friends out in their own boats that could assist in a worst case scenario, and they agreed to take the chance.

Fishing suffered a little for the very bright sunshine. Well, it didn’t put the cod off, but the bass were less obliging. Just four bass landed, with Cara bagging the best one. Once they had their desired food item, they were actually keen to crack on with their day, so I made a little pit stop as I took Ian and Laurie further along the coast. More cod, and I recall a small bass down there. But quite lacklustre really.

I am afraid I will be unable to sail now until the parts arrive and are fitted. Parts are ordered, but we will all have to sit tight and see how long they take. Very frustrating, especially in a run of sailable weather, with a busy book. And yet, likely my fault, for taking the cheaper and easier route, of Asda E10 fuel. Had I used the E5 in the boat yard, this likely would not have happened.

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