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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd January 2023

Another go this morning, focused on bass and cod, of which we found neither. 3 v

ery regular rods and I am sure had either of the aforementioned species had been beneath BIF1 this morning, then they would have been hooked. Best we could manage were some plump pouting. As a result, I will be out poking but have pulled all sailings this coming week. Until I find some fishing that I can hand on heart consider value, then I really don't want to take your money. Regardless of how much I need it. I am just not that kind of skipper.

I really think it is a matter of days before we find the plaice returning, with news of some good catches from Eastbourne beaches today in a match. I will certainly be looking, and as soon as I find something, you will see another blog entry so watch this space.

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