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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd September 2023

Just the first sailing today, and again it looks to be the last perhaps until next weekend. Remnants of hurricanes that the U.S.A. is finished with, so they send them our way apparently. Joining me this morning, returnees Max, Elias, Deyan and Shadi. We headed out, and I almost turned straight around as the swell was still quite significant, thanks to the NW wind getting quite strong a few hours previously. This limited where we could go, but I knew if we powered through the swell, we would get an element of lee from the land down west.

And this is how it was. Additionally, the tide was always dropping back, and the area was quite fishable. It was also quite close to the mouth of an estuary currently gunning out tons of freshwater, and this was apparent with the viz. Inside, my enthusiasm quietly withered. And then a fish came up.

Indeed, for the first trip out after a big big blow, the fishing was ok. We had to move a few times, but then found a drift which gave us some interest each run through, so I basically stuck to it. End result, twelve bass and a gurnard landed, with seven of those meeting my priest. Not too bad at all for a 3 hour bounce around.

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