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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 24th June 2024

First sailing and it was my pleasure to welcome Loz, Cameron, and Camerons girlfriend Abby, who was a first time biffer. Initially a little nervous, She listened well, and was soon fishing as smoothly as all regular biffers. And a great morning for it to be your first morning aboard.

Why was that? Well, not quite sure. Some new information did actually surface. Quite literally. Scores of little white worms gyrating in the water. Havent noticed this species before, but I am guessing its bass food. And good sized bass like them. Because the most noticeable attribute of both morning sailings was size, with far more table sized fish than sub sized.

Max kills were all done before an hour was out. And fish continued feeding. A total tally of eighteen fish landed in the three hour session, which wasn't perfect as we were also rather stalked by a large bottle nosed dolphin, which cleared the shoal of bass we were fishing a few times. And yet, they returned each time, a testament to a strong food source.

Second sailing and it was my pleasure to welcome aboard Melvin and Frank, again first time biffers. And still the fishing remained good. A little quiet towards the end but overall a most enjoyable three hours. Max kill again, and a grand total of ten fish landed. Really enjoyable company and I suspect I will be putting up pictures of them with fish from both my boat and my shore fishing adventures real soon.

Third sailing, it was my pleasure to welcome aboard local rod builder Pete, plus Paul and David, regular Biffers. Off to fish a full spring ebb tide. And it all rather went to plan. I started on some crab ground, out of the main push of the tide. Then as the tide eased a little, off to some offshore ground where finally, some fish have turned up. And from there, once we lost good tide, to the place where the little wiggly worms are appearing.

This plan produced thirty bass, with maximum kill achieved early, and fish generally playing ball, with plenty more table fish released. Almost like a gate has been lifted, the ratio of smalls to 42 plus now radiates on the 42 plus side. Happy days indeed, and well earned by my regulars who fished through the green seas of recent times.

Final sailing was a bit of a love boat. It is not unusual to get fishing couples, but it is quite unusual to have two on the boat together. Fish this evening were mostly up in the water, and were easily taken on briskly retrieved shads. Once more, max kill was quickly achieved, with a grand total of 20 on this session.

Biggest fell to my rod, and was biggest of the day, at 64cm. A very fat fish indeed as were most, stuffed with sandeel and spider crab. David also had a 60 plus on the 3rd session, which highlights that numbers of better fish have moved close to the shore. In summary, an awesome day that came just in time, as I was really enjoying working from the beach again during the winds. And again, with some great results!!

Tomorrow one space on 0500, one space on 0930 remaining. Wednesday, 2 spaces remaining on 0930. All looking good weather and tides. Text 07970 112774 if you like what you see.

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