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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 27th May 2021

What a May this has been!! But I'm getting a bit more used to being a floating lure guide as I enter my 4th season, and get far less stressed by long blows. However, stressed and bored are two different things. And I do get bored not sailing. Or did. This year, I decided to go back to my roots. Ive always kept my guides and ghillies policy running to cover me for the odd shore job here and there. But with two of my favourite things from back when I was permanently shore based, were bass on lures in the river, and bass on baits facing a howling wind. So, during this recent wind, Ive been doing both of these things. Factor in some crab peels and the fishing has been outstanding, with plenty of fish, happy clients, and even a 12.5lb'er. Which has all gone a long way to making the pain of not sailing, a little more bearable.

And then, finally, a great forecast. And yet, regular blog readers will perhaps have recognised that after a long period off the pulse, Its usually not a great sailing. Factor in the mayrot, now pushed hard into the edges by the recent gale, meaning seas a long way from good viz. First sailing was also all over the low tide. Indeed, I had to raise prop and bubble my way over the mud bars, with the combination of no dredging and a big spring low conspiring to prevent what was to be. Just Max brave enough to take it on the chin should it be a tough session.

And Max was well rewarded. Because by keeping in touch with the bass from the shore, I was still on the pulse. I knew what occupied their desires, and I know where the object of their desires lives. Well, at least the kind of ground. I just needed to find a patch with enough clarity to let the dog see the rabbit. Which left very few options indeed. Happily, we hit it on the first one. We proceeded to extract 41 bass between the pair of us, to a biggest of just shy of 5lb. Not that it mattered. Neither Max and I were taking for the table. Which was ironic. As just five fish were below the 42cm legal minimum.

Buoyed by the first sailing, which I have to say is pretty excellent inshore fishing for the end of May around my patch, and with the perfect bit of the tide coinciding with my next session, with Nick, Richard and Dave on board, I was very expectant. And yet, the fish were not having it in such good numbers. Less marks on the sounder. The guys were all first time with my techniques, and as with everything new, it took a while for them to grasp my inputs. Everybody seems to expect bass to be capable of pulling your arm off. Whereas the truth is, a suspicious bass, not in competition, will far more likely sip than suck. Knowing when it has sipped, takes some getting used to, and this almost certainly impacted the totals. But by the end, the guys pennies had all dropped. I love watching my clients faces. I get so much feed back. And the penny dropped faces are only surpassed by the "OMG How did I get to cuddle this double" faces.

When I say not so good, we still managed to put 16 fish on the deck. Yet, sizes were also down, with just 5 going back up the road to Pompey. Nick, Richard and Dave were all glowing. So please everyone, take that as a warning and remember your sun screen. Factor 50 is not too much at the moment. They were also pretty pleased with the session. Bubbling I would call it. And I expect and hope to see them again. Pretty sure they will be on the button from the off.

3rd sailing should have been also good. Strong ebb tide, 3 regulars in Bruno, Clint and John. But the best I can say about the session, was... erm... Well, compared to the earlier two it was incredibly scratchy. We did lots of zooming about, for just 7 fish, and just one going up the road with Bruno. But at least the weather was nice...?? Oh, and a couple of wrasse as well.

Additionally, Ive done a silly thing. Either, Ive sold Saturday's sailings out, and accidentally deleted the day in my calendar, or, I forgot completely to list it on the ticker, which is a far more likely situation. But just in case the former is true, I cannot officially put Saturdays sailings on sale. If you would like to ghost book, I still have 1030 and 1430 available. Maybe... As always, SMS to 07970 112774 to reserve. Or, sort of reserve.

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