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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th July 2022

First sailing, and onboard, Max, returning, and Tom and Mark, who I suspect are soon to be returning. Fishing heroin... It seems that is what I sell. Because when it comes together, there is no better rush. And a more just sailing there could not be, as Tom and Mark had been denied their maiden voyage on BIF1 by weather for over two years!!!

One point of interest. I posted a warning it was about to happen. Now it happened. The new generation of big brown seagulls, has hit the air and the sea. And I am sad to say, they are no less stupid than any of the previous millennia's generations. Be careful out there with surface lures. And remember, even subs can be grabbed by these. A shallow run shad however, can often sneak through and find fish without being spotted by Kehaar junior... (Not read Watership down? Missing out... book was better than the film)

Final tally was eighteen fish. Six killed, but others released that were over. Great fun on the surface lures until the seagulls wrecked that. But shads still scored. Which made me very excited for my second sailing people. Maryam, had booked the boat as a birthday surprise for her partner Tony, and also along her children, Maysa and Ben. It all started so well. Even on the demo drop, young Maysa caught a small bass. And then, cuttlefish became almost a nuisance, especially as the tide dropped out.

As the tide began to ebb harder, I really felt we would be on. Happily, the birthday boy did nail one, that even crept over the 42cm, but it took Ben on the feather rod to ensure there was a feat to be had, with some very chunky mackerel. Even bolting on extra time did nothing, despite marking decent shoals a couple of times. Hard going. And yet, big smiles and happy people. And perhaps relief from Tony. Maryam had suggested that the kids were going to take him bungie jumping off the flats as a cover story...

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