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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th May 2022

First sailing, and it was my pleasure to welcome back Brolly, a staunch supporter of my services for many years, despite being based in Wales. Alongside Brolly was regular Mark, and new to BIF1, Dave and Natalie. Out we pushed, into very green seas once more.

However, one thing that wasnt there, was the tumbling urrgh below, as had been the case the previous day. The other thing different, was there were fish, and happily for Dave and Natalie, a brace of keepers. Big fish seem quite absent at the moment, and also, the tiny sandeels are not happening in the marina mouth. Times of change. The final tally for this session, sixteen fish, and a very happy Dave and Natalie already booked in for next weekend.

Next sailing, after breakfast, and I retained Brolly, and we welcomed aboard Dave, Eric and Dean. And what a terrible session. Really really bad. Happily the only fish landed, to my rod, was a table fish, so the main mission for the guys, a fish for a bbq, was accomplished, but even so. Really hating these green seas.

Final sailing, and Mark was back, to be joined by Lee, Ian, and new to BIF1, Greg. And another terrible session. Just 3 small bass landed. However, lots of laughs, as all of these guys also enjoy offshore forays aboard "Proteus" skippered by my friend Steve Green. The session, with just three landed, was bought to a close after two hours, due to us all getting soaked by a very heavy and very squally shower. The combination of cold, wet windy and slow, meant no tears when I floated the idea of an early bath.

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