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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 2nd May 2021

First sailing, and first trip of the year for long time biffer Mitch, accompanied by neighbour Anthony. And the order was food, and a crack at the bass. Should have been straight forward, but we actually ended up popping around a lot to find plaice, with just eight chunky ones heading back up the road in the end. The mackerel also were hardly playing, with just two big enough for the table, although that did rather please Mitch, who is enjoying japanese cookery just now. Sashimi eyes he had, as they swung onboard. As for the bass, we gave it a good go, and we did catch a couple, but small, and in no way considered as viable for food. Some whiting and a small gurnard added to the variety, I have to admit, I am very excited for the imminent arrival of the bream. Food desires will be a lot easier to please for a month or so.

Next sailing and that man Mark had persuaded his nephew Damo to come out again. And the request was 50/50 plaice and bass. Strong flood, should have been straight forward, sadly wasnt. We caught fish. Plaice, dabs and whiting. But all small. So, we went bassing, to return to the plaice as the tide eased back. Bassing was much better than earlier, with no less than 6 fish landed. None to me, one to Damo, and five to that man... He is over-trained... Quality schoolies.

Damo however, did yet again what Mark has so far failed to do. Nailed an inshore reef pollack. And just to really rub it in, he did it again on a completely different reef. Interesting stuff. Thats 3 reef pollack in 2 days. Indications that they may be returning?? I do hope so. There was a time not so long ago, when they were a bit of a pain. But while the inshore is all warming up, they would be a welcome addition for these tougher times.

The tide eased back, and the wind was also still not yet freshening, as was forecast. To the point that I had already cancelled the afternoon sailing, as it would have been with little ones and would be just as the ebb tide began. Wind over tide, bumpy seas and expectant nippers. Unlikely to end well (although as I type this the wind has already dropped back, and didnt actually get so bad. Its always a tough call). So, I suggested we get back to the plaicing. In the first two drifts, we put 8 chunky ones into the fish bin.

And then, another one, much much leaner. "That looks like a flounder" we all said almost simultaneously. Guess what?? Not the first flounder on BIF1 as we got one on a Mighty minnow during the whitebait storms last year. But a first for me, and one I have wanted to scratch of my wish lists for a long time. Finally, a flounder on an isome... Ive caught plenty on shads, on the fly when mullet fishing and bass fishing, but despite actively targeting them on the isome when the local river is brimming with them (well, not like of old, but plenty around as they gather for breeding mid winter) this is my first actual one. And in very open water. Amazing.

What was also amazing, was how when the wind switched to the Southwest, and changed our drift to directly across the tide, the bites stopped instantly. We cracked on, another five or six drifts, but, with the obvious switch having been flicked, ever freshening wind, and what looked like a shower on its way, we actually all agreed to head in early. But a very interesting session.

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