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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 30th August 2023

Another day of just the single, early sailing, because the wind forecast said no for the rest of the day. And the wind itself dictated where we could fish, which at least took that stress from my shoulders. Along for the quite bouncy ride to the less bouncy waters, all returnee's, Jon, Paul, Richard and Thomas.

Happily for the guys, and therefore for me also, the fish were once again present, with a desire to smash surface lures. And the very good news was that Neptune also turned the size knob up a few notches, with table fish for all that wanted them. Not so many mackerel around though, which might be down to better bass being around. And a stunning sunrise also thrown in.

After an hour the surface action tailed off a bit. I went for a wander about, but struggled to find a shoal. I suggested we go to the coddiest spot and have a run through on shads. Everyone was up for that, and it did produce a cod hooked to Richards rod, and a half decent one gauging the bend on the rod. It's number was not up though, and it sadly departed about half way up. Two more bass though.

We tried a much shallower area for the last part of the session, and this was a good move as we found ourselves back in touch with the fish. Final tally was nineteen landed. And a fairly bouncy run back in again. Same again tomorrow by the looks. Friday, and Saturday, perhaps sailing all day. Sunday... Screaming NE Wind. If only I had my Minn Kota with spot lock sorted. These are the winds this outfit would beat.

Whilst hosing down BIF1, I noticed how big the sprat (Herring?) fry have got. They are bigger than the 14gm Mighty minnow now, and it is something I have noticed that they are hitting the 28gm lures with much more enthusiasm. Video attached.

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