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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 30th May 2022

Another tale of green water and micro fry woes I am afraid. Peter, Leo, Mitch and Max, all returnee's. On the face of it, it was a reasonable haul. Sixteen bass in three hours sounds great. And had the all been 3lb plus, I would be buzzing. Sadly, just one made the table grade, and Mitch gets to be cover girl. All the remaining fish landed were smalls. Lots of dying may rot on the surface though, and this is superfood for the micro fry, boosting their growth. Once they get the size of something we use, and the seas are black clear rather than pretty pea soup, everything will change overnight. I cant wait. Other two sailings happily cancelled, utilising the southerly breeze as a reason, whereas quietly relieved I dont have to take anyone out this afternoon. The tumbling snot increased massively on the end of the flood and early ebb yesterday, and was highly likely to do the same today. Stiff Westerly means no sailings tomorrow, and perhaps a bit of bounce, combined with higher co-efficient, perhaps will see more of the rot taken mid-channel by Wednesday, which currently looks like great sailing weather. Still 3 spaces on the 1500 sailing. Text to 07970 112774 if all the above hasn't put you off.


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