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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 31st May 2021

First sailing, and returnees Ian and Steve, were joined by first timer Graham. Graham works in a local tackle shop, where they have requested a staff rewards scheme, sending those that do well out for a session with me as a reward. Or a punishment maybe... The positive person in me is claiming the former. However, as I issue receipts on request, it actually could be a great way of rewarding staff in many establishments. Rather than sending it to HMRC. Just a thought... Back to the sailing...

It was always going to be hard, as the wind was blowing much stiffer than forecast, and with the direction it was, I knew from the previous day that it would create a struggle. As such, I offered the guys the option of walking away there and then. But of course, as Graham said, "Well... we are here now". It was a struggle. Just six fish landed. Two of them though, were crackers. Both strangely fancied my Axia Mighty minnow. One of sixty two centimetres and one of sixty and a half, measured on my Irish fisheries measure. Belters. Backed up with one other table fish, and three schoolies. Hard going indeed.

2nd sailing, and Mathew, returning, with his friend Wilson, a newbie on BIF1. Happily, the weather improved considerable. The stiff NE wind being replaced with the forecast Easterly breeze. And as such the drift directions became far more manageable. And as a result of that, we managed more fish. Sixteen bass came across the gunnels in the following three hours. But sizes this time were less good, with just one fish taken for the table.

3rd sailing, and Tariq returned with his lad Ilyas, and his brother Tahir. Well, lad... Since the last time I saw him, its fair to say there has been a growth spurt. They wanted bream. They got bream. I warned them they would be small. They were small. All bar 2 were returned. I have had a hot tip from a fellow skipper though, so will be investigating that, possibly as early as tomorrow. On... a date... Yes... I really only know fishing. So... How do I impress a girl...? After two hours, and fish 60, although 61 jumped on just because that is how fast and furious they are, we went bassing. And found a great shoal on a rock island. A great shoal that didnt respond to anything we put down. Most strange. Too busy crabbing, or freaked out by the madness of a bank holiday Monday and all the associated marine traffic? Only a bass can tell...

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