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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 8th May 2024

Lovely calm if rather high seas, the very low low tide this morning made for a delayed sailing time of 0700 for Jon, Kas, David and Raymond. And out into green seas. I checked for the fish we had found on the early flood the previous evening but they were not to be found. Ominous. So, off on the hunt.

A hunt that never really ended. Three hours of running around everywhere. Two schoolies for Jon. The only firm conclusions I could make, were that I had marked a lot less bait fish offshore than in tight, so for the last hour we focused very tight. This did pay off, with a 59cm bass, and in the same drift, a whiting. This got me quite excited but sadly no more fish fell to the end of the session.

It was where I started with Emily (new to BIF1) Peter, Sam and Hugh on board. But the change in tide of course had moved the fish, and again we went on the struggle. I opted not to run around but focus on one area of rock, and yet, this did not really change things. Green seas are green seas. A table fish for Pete, Hugh caught his first schoolie of the year, but even a 30 minute extension for plaice only yielded a few very small fish. Very poor fishing.

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