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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th December 2020

Another very interesting day. With the sea state right on the edge of worthwhile, due to a big rolling westerly swell, it was only knowing how keen Brian was to fish onboard BIF1, that I agreed to give it a go. Brian's grown up son, Oliver, making up the party. And the idea was to focus on food.

On reaching the mouth of the marina, the difference from the previous evening was obvious. No sign of the usually resident shoal of small bass on the end. And that swell. Knowing that we were on a short tide, with a wind that had not materialised forecast to drop as the day went on anyhow, and that the wind over tide effect would likely end soon, I fought my instinct to return to port, and cracked on. It is never the safety that is the issue in these situations. My Pirate could entertain all but storm swells, as it is a very heavily laid up boat. But always about lure control, as swells make everything more difficult.

They also meant some of the further marks were off limits, and so, with one of the better cod marks quite close, we decided to start there. No cod played with us this time, the count remaining on 30 this season so far, but big fat pout were there, happily taken for filleting and feeding purposes.

Then it was time to get some action. Or so I thought. My super plan for bass was thwarted. Another sign of change. The mark yielded just 3 schoolies, and a proper warrior wrasse for Brian. Which actually turned out to be the fish of the day. That, and a single mackerel, was the lot for the day. Swells. I really am not a fan.

A hearty breakfast, a change in tide meaning wind with tide, and two fresh anglers in the form of returnee's Stuart and Pete, wishing for bass action more than anything, meant the swells had dropped in half. Still lumpy, but more promising, and worthwhile checking out the reliable areas a little further offshore. A good call. 62 bass fell to our rods, before a lifting wind pushed us to spend the last half an hour prospecting, without success, a cod. Plus a dozen nice mackerel, and a garfish. A tidy shad was also lost by the boat. Yet, on this day, not one bass would have been taken for the table had the season been on. Not one would have made the 42cm. Lots of fun mind, and, looking at the forecast, a nice way to finish for my extended xmas break.

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