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Update - 8th July 2017

Capt Bruce helms BIF1, with first mate Leo on watch

Just a few lines to keep everyone in the loop. Sadly, there was a return of the fuel issue, which means BIF1 has remained in port, until her lift out, which Capt Bruce, ably supported by his little lad Leo, and myself oversaw today. I was of course supposed to be in Russia, but the requirements changed, and I am back, available and eager to get back in the saddle. Well, on the helm anyway. Been a while since I rode horses, and BIF1 is definitely easier to put into reverse...

She is out for a full engine service. We suspect the fuel issue will be something quite minor, such as a fuel filter, or perhaps simply needing some injector cleaner. Neither Bruce or myself are "fiddlers". And we have been happy to keep her from service until the nice man with the laptop rammed with analysis software to precisely determine what has been happening, and fix the issue permanently. Meanwhile, Bruce fitted a brand new auxiliary outboard, that has already been tested with a run in on it. And it worked perfectly well. All ahead of the original planned launch, which would have been 9th September.

Hey, ho, and up she rises...

With myself now available until the 1st August, when I take a ten day "dont even want to hear about fish" break,, drifting down some of the czech republics most rural rivers, with some of my dearest friends, we are keen, as soon as she is back in, to release more dates. Capt Bruce's price amnesty under the guise of mapping out new marks is now at an end. It was superbly successful with many more inshore options now available to our customers. Capt Bruce and I are in conversation about loyalty schemes and other ways to make a trip out as affordable as possible, so watch this space. Until then, I am afraid, we are back to the original £60 per three hours (actual fishing time) step on step off system.

We are also very likely to remove whole boat charter options for the purpose of better managing the individual trips, by far the most popular choice of our customers, which as we race towards darker evenings and later dawns, was causing us to scratch our heads a lot. We will of course have them available, but on request only.

I have to say, the marina crew responsible for dry docking craft, are fantastic.

She is also out for some sign writing, and we have some very exciting news to release about that. However, that will wait until Capt Bruce returns. We have played tag, and he now heads off to Iceland for a well deserved family holiday.

So, please keep checking back. There will also be some changes to the web site. Until we are in a position to have a more positive experience created with our online booking system, we will be going back to old fashioned answering the phone. I will publish two phone numbers, either of which can be texted or rung to check out availability. Even on the day.

Remember, with our "Step on, Step off" system, we return to port every 3.5 hours, and we run as much as possible if the weather allows, from dawn to dusk. We also carry a full compliment of tackle for your use (Free of charge) . So, should you find yourself shopping in Brighton, with someone that needs to visit each shop at least twice, because buying the perfect shoes is never a quick thing, then excuse yourself, give us a call, and present yourself at the marina for the next ride out....

Isnt she lovely?? :)

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