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Brighton Inshore Fishing catch report 8th August 2017

Clinton's Birthday Bass

Brief report as I am back on the helm at 05:30... Better day today... First session with birthday boy Clint, was spent inshore on the bass. Although we had a late start, there was still just enough tide to find a few, including the best fish of the day, a surprisingly fat fish, that should have been 3lb but topped over 4lb.

2nd session we were joined by the "illustrated Angler" himself,, the painted man Charlie Coppolo. We headed out to have a look at the rocks further off, despite a bouncy sea created by an unforecast burst of stiff SW wind. Again, the sounder showed not so much, despite running across three of the bigger ones. A single Ballan wrasse the results of our search.

Bruce taking pole position in the new competition...

For the third and final session, we came back inshore. I had predicted the final 2 hours of the day would be the best, and it pretty much was. Fishing short spells both East and West side, the final tally of the day was 22 bass, the one wrasse, and some supporting mackerel. The best bit was that most of the bass caught in the last two hours were on the top, which gave Charlie a first. I nipped a couple out on the fly rod, testing the water as it were for my customer at 05:30. And Bruce created a new category for inter skipper competition - the ugliest monstrosity to catch a bass comp... He is in the lead....

I also notice a perfect forecast and an empty boat on this Sunday 13th August... Dont be shy.. Whole boat charter - 6 hous - £320 or £60 first three hours, £45 per consecutive three hours individual prices...

Saw this on a few fish today...

FOOTNOTE - Noticing a lot of bass with bloodied dorsal fins... Possibly net damage, maybe infection? Would be interested in any information on this.

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