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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report Tuesday 23rd April

Just the one sailing once more. Not due to the weather, with flat, very sailable seas forecast for the rest of the day, but down to lack of customers. Turns out, the cost of living crisis IS NOT something the media like to bounce around because they cant afford to send reporters to Ukraine. It is a very real thing and luxury non family outings would seem to be on the back burner. I am now back to buying cava instead of bollinger!!

Joining me on this trip, James, Mose, David and Mark. All experienced Biffers. I was inwardly glowing and wondering if we might top the eighty fish this trip, with zero wind and sharp rods aboard. So of course, Neptune lightened his tool bag by throwing a spanner in the works.

First drift was actually ok with 9 fish taken from it. But then, we lost the shoal. Further long drfts sectioning the reef produced little action, save for a mackerel, and little showing on the plotter. How could this happen? An hour in, and we were still stuck on 9 fish. "Lets try another patch before we start doing some miles" I offered my crew.

A good move. Not only did we find the fish, but we got confirmation it is the rock,worm making the bass so localised in dense shoals. A damaged one was doing circles on the surface, a great spot by Mose. And then,, my new HDS 9 LIVE unit picked up the spawning masses of rock worm, with predators skimming them as they rose.

Still not quite as fast and furious as yesterday, with zero 60cm plus fish, but the final tally of 31 bass landed did include a brace for everyone for the table, with plenty more 42 plus fish returned. Really great fun. Tomorrow we have the return of the stiff Northerly. I will be giving it a go, with one space remaining (text to 07970 112774) but if you are on that trip, wrap extremely well. It will be brutal, lure control will be a struggle, but... there will be bass. Sailing at the later than usual time of 0800

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