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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 13th August 2017

First fish of the day for Ian Hamilton

First sailing was out with Laurie, Ian and Lewis. I suggested surface lures might be the order of the first session, and for at least the first hour, it was. Until the sun grew too strong, and the fish not only swam for the depths, but also for new feeding grounds. However, it wasnt quite the fish fest I had hoped for. Still some colour in the water, and perhaps just too much for good lure fishing. Laurie had to be away after the first sailing, but he was happy with his first five fish on topwaters.

Mark off the mark

2nd sailing, Lewis and Ian stayed on, and Mark joined us. I liked very much how Lewis messed around with technique, and one payed off. Leaving the lure on a long line, and not retrieving, just allowing the boat moving over the tide to pick up the slack. When tight, flick it up and repeat. This trick snaffled the biggest fish (although in fairness it was a small fish tide) of the day. I think we made the boat total 16 bass before it was time for Ian and Lewis to depart.

Laurie off the mark...

3rd and 4th sailing Capt Bruce joined the boat, and we were delighted to welcome aboard Richard and his lad Ryan, who have been shore clients of mine for many years. Sadly though, the already poor bass fishing became terrible bass fishing. Made up for by mackerel and scad being around, to give us something to hit the lures. And I think especially enjoyed by Ryan, the high speed location changes. Of which there were many. All in all a tough day, but as we guarantee, everybody had smiles on their faces if not so many fish on their hooks...


Wrasse on Metals..

Gurnard for Mark

Lewis with the best fish of the day.

Ryan fishing into the sunset (picture copyright Swaff's Photography)

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