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Brighton Inshore fishing - Catch report 24th August 2017

first fish of the day...

Another day where the forecast winds simply did not happen. Instead of waking up to a stiff Westerly, the forecast which made me cancel all jobs on this day, I awoke to a pretty windless world. I hurried down to BIF1 with just the fly rod, and managed to launch before the ever increasing silt bed prevented me doing so (we are on some very big tides at the moment, which means very little water left over low tide.)

7lb of bronzed silver...

Drifting my usual early flood marks, fishing was productive with each drift producing (I only took 6 drifts). Sizes were very good. Of the five fish I landed, 2 were around 3lb, and one was a new fly PB for me, the scales swinging between 6.5 and 7.5lb on a sea now being made less calm by an ever freshening breeze.

I announced last minute places on Facebook for 2 hastily arranged sessions. Rob came out on the first one. By now, the wind forecast for the morning had arrived. A fairly stiff SW. I gave Rob the option to abandon. He wanted out. We went out...

Plenty of marks on the sounder, but being pushed across the tide made for some very difficult presentation. To cut a long (well three hour) story short, we had just two takes. At the same time. I missed mine on the fly. Rob hooked his, which was a cracker. Weighed on board, it was again somewhere between 6.5 and 7.5lb.

Rob with a 7lb fish...

For the evening session, my fly boy John joined me. Same problem, made worse by the fact we were fly fishing. Just two schoolies for the entire session.

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