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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Catch Report - 30th August 2017

Another 6lb plus for Neil

With the forecast for rain, and a strong offshore wind, I had not scheduled any sailings, but instead arranged with Capt Bruce to head out on a bit of an exploratory, to go see if those bass from the previous day might still be there. To see if it was a fluke, or if the bass like that spot. But Bruce suddenly realised he has an imminent trip to Russia (he flies tomorrow) to prepare for.

Single handed, in a stiff offshore wind, and impending heavy rain, meant I would perhaps not bother. But then I remembered Neil was staying in town overnight. I messaged him. "You available 10:00 tomorrow?". "Oh yes" was his response.

We headed out, into the cold wind, but at least it was dry still. We got our eyes in, just outside the marina entrance, with a couple of tiny schoolies on surface lures. And then we headed to the spot. Very first cast, a big fish missed Neils lure. 2nd cast, perhaps the same fish nailed it. A little over 6lb. Good start. And then followed a further 16 fish in 2 hours, smallest perhaps 1.5lb, biggest the 8lb + PB on a fly, that pulled off the hook just three feet from the boat. That one was mine, and has left me very very excited indeed for tomorrows session. 1st session I have one very good fly rodder, and two enthused lure anglers. If nobody else books the last spot, I get to fish as well...

Quality fish inshore at the moment...

Then the rain came. It was not nice, and we decided we had already had a great day. We stopped at the marina entrance on the way back, and took the bass tally to 28 with top ups of small schoolies on fly and one knocker.

two spaces available 2nd sailing, which is now back on after the forecast came back to stunning. A bit bouncy for a 3rd sailing, so 2nd sailing will actually be charged by the hour to stay on these fish as long as possible. Anyone interested, please call 07970 112774

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