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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 18th September 2017

Luz's first bass...

1st sailing was with Eugene and his lovely girlfriend Luz. I mentioned to them I was confident we would go straight onto fish, based on the last hour the previous session. It felt like fish were moving in. And it (for once...) led to be true. As we turned out from the marina, the birds rather gave the game away. The bait line wasnt in its usual place though, but out on clean ground. It didnt take long to find the main stream, and engage with it.

Eugene gets in on the action...

Luz had not really done too much fishing. Or spent much time on boats, so she was a little nervous of what was in store. But I reassured her by telling her the truth. Women are sooo much easier to teach basic skills than men, because women listen. And so it was to be, as Luz landed her first ever bass to get the bass counter clicking.

Bait being split by attacking predators

Eugene wasnt far behind, and I added a couple with the fly rod. I think we could have stayed on that shoal for the whole session, but after an hour the cold NW wind began to tell on poor Luz, recently returned from Mexico, and not yet climate adjusted. I suggested we try some reefs very tight inshore, because the wind would be far less, in the lee of the beach and the big town houses beyond. It was another good move. It felt quite tropical in the now suddenly very calm waters. And still a few fish obliged. By the time we returned to port, the bass counter sat at 11. Not great, but a lot less terrible than the last couple of trips.

My Auntie Ben in Nairobi, tied me some flies.. They work... (Wilhe flies on FB)

After a break for coffee, it was time to head back out. Luz had gone into Brighton, to arrange a hotel for them for the evening, whilst Eugene came back out to play. The shoal was still on the outer, slightly less windy now, area. We stopped and took a few. But Eugene wanted a beast, and these fish were all, bar one 44cm fish, small. So we left them behind and headed further west, looking for "The shoal". Didnt find it, so headed out on the outer rocks. Here, bar a few plucks most likely mackerel, nothing doing. So, for the last hour we headed back to the scene of our earlier success. This shoal had thinned considerably, but by the time I shook hands and said fairwell to Eugene, the clicker stood at 22.

Best fish for David's session...

Final session, it was a welcome return from David. We headed out, now on the early flood, and found straight away the newly thickened up close shoal. Although small fish, David was loving it. On the light gear, the size of the fish is partly not important. The takes are all ripping. The bug, is in the tug. However, sizes still werent great, so I suggested we headed further west, again looking for "the shoal". And this time, I think we were briefly in touch with it. David caught two mid 40cm fish in succession, which is a clue, as not so many smalls hang with these big guys. But no more showed, and I lost the shoal. By the time we returned, the bass counter was sitting at 39. A much better day in the end than the last two combined.. It also occurs to me, we saw this pattern before. Biggest tides being terrible, an invasion of schoolies, and as the tides drop smaller, the quality fish turned up. With (at the time of writing) a good forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I have high hopes. And now, a shore job to do, before again up at 06:00 to do it all again. Good job I love my job...

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