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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch Report 6th October 2017

I was quite hestitant to call this trip on. Although I had watched as the visibility improved by the hour as I fished the marina from the Eastern arm the previous day, the swell was still consistent, driven on by the now NW wind. It was an inquiry as to availability from an old friend from Essex that swung it. Nigel agreed that should the trip be a non-goer due to sea conditions, we would switch to finding some shore based fun. This put my mind at ease, and with the sailing delayed to 08:00 by the uber low tide (waiting for Doris the silt sucking vacum barge to get to our berth... ) it was plenty of time for the swell to drop away.

It was still bouncy though, and with the early flood contributing to kicking up the sea with its fierce intensity, the west side was too nasty looking. We headed east. where the bass counter began clicking with steady regularity. The better fish of what it has to be said was to be a small fish day were found around here. Every fish was fished for, but a great ground to train the finger, a vital part of your take detection kit. The finger and your eyes, still the best bite indicator system, despite an array of technology available on the market to assist you.

As the morning went on, so the wind dropped back. A quick pop in for ASDA sandwiches and coffee (times are hard... ) and we went back out West side. Here, we found a mass of bass. All smalls, but in great numbers. So many that several times Nigel double shotted with a teaser fished above the HTO mighty minnow. So many, that we elected to leave them alone and take a look at the outer rocks, as the wind finally allowed the swells to die enough for this to happen. Sadly, a lot of nets currently out that way, and we lost a few lures to them. I could see some great marks, but other than another double shot of schoolies for Nigel, and a lot of mackerel, nothing doing. For the last hour, we returned to the inshore shoal, hopeful to find a better fish among the smalls. It didnt happen, although the bass counter recorded a very healthy 42 by the time we returned to port.

Looking like we have 3 sailings for Sunday 8th October, and maybe 2 sailings on Monday 9th October - 07970 112774 to get on board.

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