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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th October 2017

A stupid mistake when announcing a last minute sailing (I posted on Facebook... wasnt until later I realised it was set to ONLY ME in the privacy settings) it truly was only me on the 11:00 sailing. Which was a great shame, as the fishing was fantastic. Purely on the HTO Magic minnow, I managed 37 bass to around 3lb, before I came in to prepare for my afternoon sailing.

For this, I was joined by Mose, and his friend Ivan over on holiday from Italy, and newest member of the "Frequent Flyers" club, Jamie. Confident I could rejoin the shoal, that was exactly how it happened, with bass on from the first cast. But as also happens, as the tide lifted, the fish spread out, and the catch rate reduced as we found ourselves chasing smaller pockets of fish. We found some East, nothing way west, which was a suprise, although clarity down there wasnt so good (there remained an awkward swell all afternoon, despite the wind vanishing to nothing). so we returned to the East side for the sunset. Which was rather marred by a very thick fog bank that sort of surrounded Brigthon, coming ashore at Shoreham, and up at Rottingdean, but seeming to hold off from us. With the sun down though, and bound by the terms of my endorsement, with the end of the sun comes the end of the fishing. 56 was the final count, with the biggest of the day again going to Mose.

Really couldnt say when we will be sailing with the coming week. This morning I checked XC weather, and we had 58 mph winds forecast for Thursday, for example. Yet, this evening, it is suggesting we can sail midday. So, if you are looking for a fix on BIF1, while we have such big shoals of fish around, please keep an eye, or follow, our facebook page Brighton Inshore Fishing. Last minutes sailings will be announced here. And set to public...

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