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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 27th October 2017

John casting at the new days sun

I must admit, I was, after yesterdays terrible session, quite anxious. I knew sea conditions, and clarity would be better, but tidal run would be hardly evident, on the slowest tide of the month. And on board, we had Louis, and his Uncle Nick. It was a birthday gift from Louis lovely mum Zoe, who the last time I guided Louis from the shore, had steadfastly accompanied as guardian, despite the inclement early spring weather. This time, she had handed over the reigns to Nick, as he enjoys a cast every now and then. Also on board, I had regular fly boy John, and regular lure fan, Clint.

Louis first bass

I was more determined to have a go at any sniff of bass. The reason for yesterdays poor results, I feel, was in part that I was looking for a big mass of bass, when after the huge swells, the bait, and therefore the bass, was more fractured. Therefore, a lot of time was spent looking for something that probably didnt exist. And the first hint, was immediately we cleared the west arm. A small shoal, but for sure bass, appeared on the sounder. And that area, was pretty much the only productive area anywhere all day.

One for Nick

I was very pleased that both Louis and Nick caught early on. A big weight off my shoulders. And the camera could not capture that initial look of glee in louis face. For both of them, their first bass. I was loving being a charter skipper again. Clint also pitched in, catching his fair share, Regular readers of this blog, will remember a time, perhaps late July, to the end of August, where fly was regularly giving shads a damned good thrashing. Well, that period seems to have come to an end. By the time we returned to port, we had recorded 14 bass, but poor John had just two pulls. Perhaps it has come to the end of the happy days for the fly. Why? Possibly the arrival of bigger prey. Perhaps the techniques simply need some adjusting. Im not giving up with the fluff just yet, Although, I do now begin guiding pike on the fly, on local rivers, so no great tragedy, if that is the end of it on the fly for 2017.

The actual "Laughing Dog" from the Laughing dog cafe in the marina square...

I also cancelled the afternoons full boat charter, as it was my same guys that had endured the grueller the previous day. I did however, let Clint persuade me to sail again, as he wanted a full day simply to completely extract himself fromt the rigours of pricing jobs, ordering bricks, chasing up workmen and getting abused by customers. Because, of course, Clint is a builder. So, we headed back out after a lengthy break, to a beautiful afternoon. The fishing did not get much better, but it didnt matter. It was just nice to be drifting on the sea. We visited the outer reefs, but there simply wasnt enough tide for those to fire. Just three more bass added to the total when we returned to port.We could have had plenty more, but we went exploring. Because mission was accomplished, with a much relaxed Clint heading back to London town.

Next sailings Monday. More movement in the tide, and a good blast of northerly wind prior to blow away any colour, I quite fancy it for a few fish. Two sailings, 07:30 and 13:30. 4 hour duration. 3 spaces 1st sailing - 4 spaces 2nd sailing. 07970 112774 to get on board.

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