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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 2nd November 2017

Lures smashed the flies today...

Eight hours of whole boat charter, with fly boys Del and Ray, two of the nicest chaps you could wish to find yourself afloat with. Endless enthusiasm, and very well traveled anglers. Last time, I called our trip on, but the actual wind was way over the forecast, and after sticking our nose out, we retreated, and they had wasted their journey from London town. They were well due a break. Neptune knew this. And Neptune delivered, in superb fashion...

Firstly, he set the scene with the conditions... Still some swell from yesterdays breeze, compounded with the first flush of a strong tide. But, once clear of the marina, much less swell, and we managed a nice 25 knots heading west. But, with emergency stops, because today was a very different day to yesterday. Once again, the bay was filled with fishes. I let the bass counter get to 10 before we continued on our way.

Once at the mark, I got quite excited for the guys. I really really wanted to see them get a good pollack on the fly. But today, the mark was a very different mark. Something experienced by the commercial rod and liners in this area as it transpired from a very early morning facebook chat with one of them. Here today, gone tomorrow, seems to be the signature of this patch. After an hour, I had to concede that it wasnt going to happen. So, I fired up BIF1, and a hundred and fourty horses sped us to Hove, where I wanted to check out my little hole. And my little hole, was truly, full of glory this morning. But not to the fly. Mackerel were very happy to eat fluff. Bass were very happy to chase fluff to the surface. But only the HTO Mighty minnow which I was working produced hook ups.

I would have to say, Del and Ray are very dedicated fly rodders. But they arent stupid. First Del was persuaded, and once he was having his string pulled regularly, Ray also joined in the fun. This opened up the options. By the time we headed back in for lunch, I think the counter was over 30. A lot of 1lb fish, but enough in the 2-5lb range to keep it interesting. A really nice mix of fish.Luncheon was taken in the "Laughing dog cafe". Del and Ray had the "Smoking Pig" (EIGHT rashers of bacon in a bagel) whereas I went for the sausage roll. Why? Well, that guarantees a visit from Bandit... the laughing dog himself... And why am I waffling on about lunch? Normally its to pad out a particularly poor session. This time, its just because today was so good, I dont want to forget it. And with this blog, lays my future recall...

Heading back out, I again went to the way west mark. But again, I could not find fish there. I didnt bother with the hole, but instead headed back to Brighton, after asking the question... "Do you guys want lots of action or quality fish?". "Action" was the response. Time to join the queue on the end of the west... one guy had even anchored. Right on the prime spot. Which meant the fish would move out, which they did. Happily anticipated, we then stayed on those fish until the sun went down. There were a lot there, and not all small. Really enjoyable fishing. When we finally came back in, following the nearly full moon to the mooring, the bass counter sat on a new BIF record, of 93. Happy customers, happy skipper. IF only EVERY day could go this way...

Friday sailings now full. Saturday not viable. Sunday I am working ashore (full). But Monday we have a nice looking forecast. One rod currently available 1st sailing, and all four 2nd sailing. 07970 112774 to get on board... Texts only after 11pm plz :)

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