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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 19th November 2017

HTO Arctic eel nailed this cracker for Jamie

Possibly the last catch report for over a week looking at the forecast, as a proper blurge of wind and later in the week, rain. This means activities will be restricted to me guiding pike on fly, until the rain muddies up the rivers. So, I was determined to make the most of today. We sailed this morning, three souls on board. Jamie and his brother Cameron, and Garry. All frequent fliers. We were out at 7 sharp, as I particularly wanted to be first on a wreck, and I was aware of a lot of club activity today, which would mean (and did) a lot of other vessels flying around. It was worth the effort. I think the bass counter sat at 28 by the time we had upset them enough that they hid among the pouting tight on the wreck.

Grey Gurnard... a new species aboard BIF1 I think

Off to some rocks. This set the pattern for the whole day really. Winter is a time of burning fuel, as the rock marks come to life and then become barren several times a day, without any particular logic. So, it would seem the best way at the moment, is to just keep doing the circuits. Stay on a mark when its fishing well, and remove yourself from it when it goes quiet.

Some excellent tub gurnard fishing currently...

Lots of gurnard around today. Good sized fish as well. Plus a new species (I think) for BIF1, with two grey gurnards landed. Not so many wrasse today, but the garfish returned, and there are still some good sized mackerel around. Squid also. The HTO Frolics, with their two assist hooks, are actually quite good for squid.

Nick with hopefully the first of many bass aboard BIF1

We were happy to come in at just after 11, to get some hot coffee down our throats. A beautiful day, but distinctly with nip in the air. Here we picked up Nick, to make a full boat for the 2nd sailing. And a repeat of the morning really. Interestingly, when we went to look at the wreck again, a small orkney was anchored uptide of her. And as with the previous trip, this had an adverse affect on the bass shoal, which had either scarpered, or gone tight to the wreck. I decided to try a fairly inshore mark (for some reason the returning garfish triggered the tnought) and was very happy I did with good fish marks.

Great to see more quality bass re-appearing up this end....

It wasnt electric, but it was worthwhile, and the first decent bass we have seen for a few trips produced themselves. 4lb touch fish. Not huge, but after so many small fish in recent trips, very good to see. More gurnard. Lots of big gars chasing the lures to the surface. With the tide now very eased back, and the light low, we made a concerted effort for the squid. And didnt even have a sniff from one. Even in my special little hole. Quite suprised by that. To the point that I wonder if this morning was when the squid departed. It was mid November last year, when the calm was replaced by the wind, that they left the inshore region.

Lots of fish food on the wreck. Notice bass above the pouting.

By the time we had to call last cast, due to the sun being below the horizon, we had managed to push the bass counter to the 40 mark. The brothers and Garry had beaming smiles. They have endured both good and bad trips. It was Nick's face I was interested in. And it suggested he like how we do things. I feel we will be seeing him again before too long...

An epic sunset to end a most enjoyable day...

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